Mahjong Jade Expedition

Mahjong Jade Expedition 2.1

A Mahjong puzzle tile game with an adventurous twist
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2.1.12 (See all)

The Mahjong Jade Expedition puzzle game presents you with traditional tile puzzles but adds an extra dimension to the game by making it more adventurous and challenging you to save an old museum run by a Dr. Livingstone. New artifacts need to be donated to the museum to save it from closure by encouraging more visitors to view these rare objects. You should discover these artifacts beneath the puzzles, restore them in your workshop, and then donate them to Dr. Livingston. Help Dr. Livingston and he will help you by providing you with access to bonus areas and giving you helpful hints and tips.

There are over 80 levels of play to discover in the Mahjong Jade Expedition game and the tile layouts can be clues to hidden or buried artifacts. Secret areas on the map and bonus levels can be uncovered too, depending sometimes, on how well you have repaired or restored your donated artifacts. Repairs are like puzzles themselves, and your cursor becomes a glue bottle when you click on the Repair Kit button in the game's tool panel. You will receive new tools as you progress through the levels of your mission to save the museum. This intriguing puzzle game will keep you guessing and challenge your brain.

Luis Sanchez
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